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Nanny for Daddy Jaguar (Shifter League #4) by Leela Ash – Free eBooks Download


Eden is used to having things her way. Some might think her spoiled, demanding, and a little bit of a brat. But really she just hasn’t found her way yet. When she finds herself on the wrong side of the law, she assumes a phone call to her father will save her. Little does she know it definitely won’t save her…but it will change her life forever in ways she can’t even imagine…
Ares is overwhelmed. Betrayed by his government, he has just escaped a five year imprisonment, only to find that he is immediately assigned to the most important mission of his life. Only problem, besides his the effects of his past, is that he suddenly has to take care of a little girl he didn’t even know he had. Oh yeah and he in order to literally save the world – actually a whole bunch of worlds – he must find his mate and unite the shifter planets. No pressure. No pressure at all…
When Ares and Eden meet under extremely unlikely circumstances there is nevertheless an instant and undeniable connection. And it is not only between them, but also between Eden and Ares’ new daughter, who trusts no one…Suddenly Eden is thrust into Ares world as he sees no other choice but to enlist her help to care for his daughter as he strives to fight the battle of a lifetime.
In the midst of all the chaos will these two damaged souls be able to overcome their baggage in order to form a bond strong enough to overcome all that faces them? And can they do it before it’s too late?

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