Nanny For Biker Wolf Daddy by Brittany White (ePUB)

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Nanny For Biker Wolf Daddy (Fated To The Wolf #5) by Brittany White – Free eBooks Download


“Loving my boss, a biker wolf shifter, while hiding my witch identity seemed like the biggest challenge, until his glamorous ex-wife returned to reclaim him and their kids.”

I followed my best friend, Beth, to Angel’s Creek after she married the wolf shifter of her dreams. There was nothing left for me in Wyoming, as my fiancé had been killed several years ago. Soon after arriving in this New Mexico town, I was hired as a nanny for Cat and Drake, two adorable wolf shifter pups, who soon captured my heart.
It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with their ruggedly handsome father, Rory, who was the leader of a motorcycle club. One touch, one kiss, and I lost my heart. However, he was my boss and was off-limits. I reveled in my role of caretaker for the pups while trying to keep my love for Rory, and my identity as a witch, hidden.
I was content playing the role of an adoring nanny to Drake and Cat, while I cherished the moments I spent with their father. A rival club, comprised of exiled wolf shifters hell bent on causing trouble, brought danger into our lives, threatening the peaceful existence I had created.

We made sweet love a few times and he said he wanted to talk about our relationship. Just when I thought that a happy life with Rory and the kids was possible, Eva, Rory’s ex, danced back into the scene after being gone for four years, and she wanted Rory and the kids back. I left, vowing that I would not interfere with their relationship. Soon, I discovered that I had taken a piece of Rory with me – our unborn child.

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