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My Two Dragons (Double Desert Shifters #3) by Mia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


I’m here on an assignment.
I have to seduce the two Dragons in town.
I’ve never seduced anyone in my life, let alone two painfully good-looking men.
How on earth am I going to do this?
The longer I’m here, the more I suffer.
These guys are too hot for their own (and my) good.
I can’t help myself: my mind drifts, wondering what’s under their shirts.
Wondering how those rough, hard-working hands would feel on my plump thighs.
So yeah, you get the picture: I’m thoroughly screwed.
Can I ignore the images that their sweaty bodies bring to my mind?
Can I walk the line between the wilds and the tame?
Or am I going to give myself what I’ve been deprived of for so long?
What if I told you that deep in the desert is a place that all women dream of? A place where every woman is loved by two men, and where curves are like a gift from the gods? Would you stay home? Or would you come with me to check out the Double Desert Shifters?

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