My Stage-Kiss Crush by Clover Clements (ePUB)

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My Stage-Kiss Crush (Sweet Mountain High: Year Two #5) by Clover Clements – Free eBooks Download


It’s just a stage kiss.
Nothing More.
Tell that to my wobbly knees, sweaty palms, and racing heart!

All I was trying to do was get out of my comfort zone. One tiny little New Year’s resolution, and suddenly I’m the center of attention in the auditorium, ready to puke. This was not the goal. Neither was having Alder Hendricks, the biggest crush of my life, looking at me so mouthwateringly. Well, he’s pretending to look at me that way. It’s his role in the play. But he sure is good at it.
It’s just a play, June. But remember, boys can’t be trusted.
How can I keep him at arm’s length when we’re supposed to kiss on stage?


Everything in my life has been according to plan. I’ve got the perfect grades, perfect running time, and the lead role in the upcoming play. I just need the talent scout coming on opening night to see my best performance. Should be no problem.
Enter stage left, June Thomas, the new lead acting across from me. She’s clearly never done this before, and after her disaster of an audition, I realize all my plans could go up in flames. And not the good kind. How are we supposed to create an on-stage kiss full of sigh-worthy chemistry when she can’t be within three feet of me without flinching?
It’s just a play, Alder. Just get her to trust you.
But what will happen once I earn that trust? There may be no going back . . .

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