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My Scarred Laird (Sexy Highland Lairds #1) by Rachelle Stevensen – Free eBooks Download


Callum Stewart, the Scarred Laird of the Stewart clan has been ostracized for most of his life. After the death of his mother, Callum was brutally scarred in a fire, and has had to deal with the fall out from it. Though he has had to learn to do everything like everyone else once more, and has led his clan into prosperity, wealth, and has kept their land free from those seeking what they cannot have, Callum doesn’t get shown the respect he is due. Even the woman promised to wed him is too afraid of the reputation that proceeds him. Callum has no choice but to live in solitude, brideless and destined to be an outcast. That is, until a a mysterious lass comes to Leydford Castle and changes everything. One look at her beautiful face makes Callum long to be like other men. Wishing to be free from the scars that mar him. If only she was truly meant to be his. But life hasn’t been kind to the Stewart Laird, so is destiny going to be kind to him when it comes to the lass that has bewitched him?

Islay Brodie knew from a young age her role in life. That one day, she would be wed to a Laird, so she needed to learn to run a keep; she also needed to be taught how to be a good wife to whomever her father chooses. And while she has accepted her fate, her sister hasn’t, and Islay is worried that her sister will fight her fate. Fate isn’t kind to those who fight it, though, and their people suffer from a plague, and no matter what Islay does, she loses most of her clan. She knows that fate won’t be denied and leaves the safety of Cadleigh Keep to go accept the fate her sister refuses. Being married to the Scarred Laird of the Stewart clan. She is expecting an old man with a chip on his shoulder. Not a handsome devil of a man with scars on his body and kind eyes that make her want to fall into their depths. What is a lass to do?

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