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My Russian Protector (Yes, Daddy #39) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


Since the Moscow crime bosses got busted, I’ve been trying my best to go straight. My partners and I started a security service. It’s ironic that a bunch of hitmen are now working as bodyguards, but it keeps us all out of trouble—at least as far as the police are concerned.
I’m told that someone has requested a private meeting with me to set up a job. The cloak-and-dagger act has me suspicious, but I don’t hide from trouble so I take the meeting.
That’s when I see the girl of my dreams. She’s young. Innocent. Perfect from head to toe.
There’s just one problem…
She’s the daughter of the last man I was supposed to hit for the mob. Her small-time gambler father chose to run from his debts and abandoned his family in the process. Now, she wants me to find him. Worse, she wants to come with me to find him.
It’s a bad idea from the start, and I want no part of it. But then, she tells me she’ll find someone else, and I know that she won’t be safe with any other guy like me.
I used to be obsessed with the job.
Now, I’m obsessed with the client.

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