My Royally Cute Enemy by Lacy Andersen (ePUB)

royally cute enemy, lacy andersen

My Royally Cute Enemy (Sweet Mountain High, Year 2) by Lacy Andersen – Free eBooks Download


Meeting Prince Charming wasn’t supposed to be so irritating…


I’ve never been good enough for the people of Sweet Mountain. Not since my mom had me as a teen and ran away, leaving me to deal with the fallout. I’ve been on the straight and narrow ever since.
If I get things right my senior year, I might actually convince everyone I’m not destined to turn into my mom. But when Grandpa brings home his newest project – in the shape of an obnoxiously hot teen boy with an accent and a wild look in his eyes – I can feel all of my hard work slipping through my fingers.
Never has a threat been so obvious…
…or totally hard to forget.


Father sent me here with a secret. As long as no one but my host family discovers that I’m a prince, I can have a year of freedom before duty to my country swallows me up whole. It’s my last chance to truly live. I intend to take it.
But the one thing standing in the way of my good time is Tori Thorpe. She is equally stiff and self-righteous…and beautiful. A dangerous combination. Worst of all, she knows my true identity and is still somehow immune to my charms.
Tori and I soon realize that we can assist each other to get what we want. All it will take is a temporary truce between us—that shouldn’t be too hard for a member of the royal family to negotiate.
I used to believe I knew exactly what I wanted.
But looking at Tori has me thinking that Sweet Mountain has changed me in more ways than I could’ve imagined.

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