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My Rogue Boss (Billionaire’s Secret #1) by Mya Grey – Free eBooks Download


I’m living much more than just a double life.
By day, I’m Samuel Foster- any other billionaire. By night, I go by Atticus Colt- world-famous magician and ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ according to the media.
But that’s not all there is to me….
I’m also a thief- a modern-day Robin Hood if you will since riches truly mean nothing to me.
The only thing that does matter is my cat, Munchkin. We’ve been through everything together, but,
as I get busier and he gets older, I desperately need someone to care for him during the day,
My asshole of a friend come my manager hired a widow as my cat-giver.
I’ve never met with the widow, but as we text back and forth, I figure she’s probably elderly, but all that really matters is that she keeps my old boy happy. Besides, she seems sweet as sugar.

My husband died in the line of duty as a police officer working the Las Vegas strip.
With Steve gone, I had been struggling financially.
The only shining light is Austin, my son, Though his autism can be a struggle, he’s my everything and I’d do absolutely anything for him
Which is why I need another job – my part-time job at the hospital isn’t paying enough, nor is Steve’s life insurance pay-out.
I don’t want to uproot Austin’s already chaotic but routine life by moving somewhere cheaper, so I find the perfect second job – as a cat nanny. Though it all seems too good to be true, I ‘m not going to pass up this golden opportunity. Plus, it seems luck may be on my side when I’m hired with just one phone call with the most generous pay cheque!

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