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professor's secret, holly rayner

My Professor’s Secret (Dashing Doctors #2) by Holly Rayner – Free eBooks Download


I went from favorite student to failing his class,
Now, we get a second chance to make things right.
But does he want me just as much as I want him?

Kim Bishop is a few months into medical school and firmly out of her depth. Worried she’s about to crash out, help arrives in the form of David Puentes, a professor so young he could be mistaken for one of her peers.
Kim knows that if she can ignore just how handsome he is, she might just be in with a chance of passing, but after one humiliatingly misjudged moment, it’s clear they can be study partners no longer, and Kim’s fate is sealed.

Years later, and work reunites the two in entirely unexpected circumstances, as they set out to do a PR campaign in Bogotá, Colombia – his childhood home. Kim’s forbidden professor, now client, is still insanely hot, and this time, there’s nothing to stop them seeing where things lead.
And yet, the more they probe into his former life, the more he tightens up. There’s something he’s not telling her, and it might be about to drive them apart all over again…

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