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One million dollar. For an evening as her CEO’s fiancée.

Dear @-hole billionaire boss, I’M OUT!
How I would have loved to have thrown these words at Weston Miller.
The CEO likes to have everything under his control.
And the thing he wants to control most is me.
If I could, I would have quit my job a long time ago…

But after my sister’s death, I’m responsible for my nephew.
And at the end of the money, there’s often too much month left over.
Then, one day, he makes me a crazy offer:
To fake to his client that he has a solid family life, he wants me to pretend to be his future wife.
So that he can close the business deal of his life.
Just like me, because he offers me a million dollars for it.
Assuming his client believes our fake relationship and the deal goes through.
So, I have to give it my best effort.
I don’t like this offer, and yet I accept it.
But am I really doing this just for the money?
Because when I play the role, I like it better than I would like to admit.
Just like the nights we spend together.

Now there’s a surprise gift neither of us expected – our baby.
But is Weston truly ready for a family with me?

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