My Hero is an Alien by Athena Storm (ePUB)

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My Hero is an Alien (’90s Nostalgia Fate Mates #2) by Athena Storm – Free eBooks Download


What did Michael Jordan like to put on his toast for breakfast?
Space Jam.
But even those aliens have nothing on Myrdok.
Standing at over 7 feet tall, with abs for days and muscles the size of my legs, this red-scaled monster rescues me and tells me I’m his fated mate.
Girl, please. Fated mate?
I’m a modern woman. I don’t want no scrubs.
But then the Grolgath savages come after me and Myrdok shows me just how non-scrub he is.
Who knew there were aliens living among us?
They have American Express platinum cards and big Rocky Mountain bases and holo disguises.
A girl could get used to this.
No lie. I’ve been heartbroken before.
And I’m not going to say oops if I do it again.
Especially if its to a rich, handsome, barbarian brute like Myrdok of Vakutan.
But even he needs one thing to be a perfect man for the 90s.
What is it?
An AOL account!

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