My Forbidden Date by Tara Brent (ePUB)

forbidden date, tara brent

My Forbidden Date by Tara Brent – Free eBooks Download


I should have kept my distance like my older brother warned.
Now I’m alone as my little secret sleeps in my arms.
Jackson is my older brother’s best friend and my secret crush since my tag-along tomboy days.
Sinfully sexy, tall dark handsome, confident not to mention filthy rich.
But completely off-limits to me. My brother warns me to stay away from his womanizing friend.
But how can I resist when his gorgeous player head spins his attention to me.
One fake date turns into a passionate romance.
The way he holds me in his strong arms and whispers sweet nothings in my ear keeps me going back for more.
I’m floating on air and I’m having the time of my life.
Until I’m not.
One small accident and my world comes crashing down.
I can’t tell my brother I’m pregnant with his best friend’s baby.
And, I sure as hell can’t tell playboy Jackson he’s about to become a daddy.
I’ve got myself in a real mess. Like a coward, I pack up and run.
But some secrets can’t be hidden forever.

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