My Fake Fiancé’s Baby by Anna Joung (ePUB)

fake fiance's baby, anna joung

My Fake Fiancé’s Baby by Anna Joung – Free eBooks Download


A gorgeous playboy. An indecent proposal. How hard can it be to resist?

Struggling artist Summer Griffin doesn’t know Rebel Brand until he ends up at her studio as her nude model for her first big painting gig. She needs to focus, but the devilishly charming Rebel makes that difficult. By the time she’s in bed with him, she knows his reputation.
A heartbreaker.
A playboy, who’s allergic to commitment.
Well, his name alone spells trouble.
Getting down and dirty on a studio sofa isn’t exactly how she imagined going back into the love game, but the passion and chemistry between them are combustible.
Then Rebel throws her for a loop with an offer: live with him and pretend to be his fiancée for one month, while he’s trying to gain back custody of his son.
Which suits Summer great, since she needs a place to stay. But she’s not planning to trust her heart to a playboy by any means, so she sets a few ground rules!
Her body though…wants to break every single one of them.
As it turns out, pretending to be in love is easy…
But falling in love for real, with a man she promised not to fall for?

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