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my enemy, sapna bhog

My Enemy (Bond of Brothers #3) by Sapna Bhog – Free eBooks Download


There is one unwritten rule in every war—do not fall for your enemy…

Sanjana Luthra had a simple mission, to learn as much as she could about her enemy in order to help bring him down. What she hadn’t anticipated was the lure of Aaryan Rajpoot. He was supposed to be her enemy and yet he didn’t feel like one. Her attraction to him was instant, their chemistry red hot. Falling for him was easy, but choosing him over everything else would be the toughest decision she’d ever make.
But what does one do when the enemy becomes a temptation you can’t resist…
Aaryan Rajpoot is an enigma, a man plagued by his past. For years, he has prided himself on his control. That is what has helped him keep his family safe all these years from their enemy. However, one chance encounter with a mystery woman changes everything. Thanks to her betrayal, he faces a threat on his life. He thought he was done with her, but now Sanjana is back and wanting to make amends. Aaryan wants nothing to do with her. But when forced to be with her 24×7, she slowly becomes the one thing he wants above all.
Their love is forbidden, their future uncertain. Sometimes, however, when two lonely hearts meet then even fate has no choice but to bow down.

This is Book 3 in Bond of Brothers Quartet and can be read as a standalone.

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