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Hertfordshire, England

It’s time for Jasper Farley, Earl Holcombe, to settle down and marry. Or so his father insists, having has arranged for his son to wed Lord Belmont’s daughter, Lady Celeste.
The couple don’t mind – friends since childhood, they quite like each other. But, to Celeste’s dismay, Jasper is reluctant to quit carousing and curricle racing with his pals from the St James’ Club.
Speeding home one evening, Jasper is startled by an object streaking across the lane before him. It crashes nearby, and Jasper is cast into a ditch.

When he awakens, there’s a strange sensation that he is not alone – and a voice in his head tells him he’s not.
Thalian, a vaporous being from outer space, has crash landed and been forced to inhabit Jasper’s body until far off rescue arrives.
When next they meet, Celeste perceives something different about Jasper, but when he confides in her, she finds it hard to believe.
Is he trying to wriggle out of their engagement? Or has his curricle crash addled his head?
When a kiss reveals the truth, Celeste is faced with an awful realization – how does it bode for their wedding night if her earl is an alien?

A delightful departure from historical romantic suspense for USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Ellen Carter as she brings science fiction to Regency England in the comedic novella My Earl was an Alien, a collaboration with co-author Duncan Carling-Rodgers..

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