My Dad’s Bossy Friend by Penny Wylder (ePUB)

dad's bossy enemy, penny wylder

My Dad’s Bossy Friend by Penny Wylder – Free eBooks Download


I begged my father to trust me with his newest beach house rental property.
But I didn’t know my first tenant would be my dad’s best friend…
Kent is what you’d call ‘seasoned.’ In other words, he’s a super hot 40-something, compared to my ‘immature’ (as Dad likes to put it) 20 year old self.
He’ll definitely report back any mistake I make to my father. That just makes me want to bust my butt and send Kent running back with glowing reviews.
Then I saw him shirtless on the white sand, ocean wind in his thick, salt and pepper hair. I’ve known him for years and I never realized his eyes were so BLUE.
The guy is mega off limits.
So I make a promise to myself.
I won’t flirt– except when HE flirts with me.
I won’t stare at his body– except when he’s tanning right in front of me.
I won’t be alone with him after dark– unless a tropical storm forces me to stay by his side.
And I really really won’t sleep with him…
More than once.

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