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My Curvy Bunny (Holiday Treats #2) by Pippa Lux – Free eBooks Download


Good girls have never looked sweeter.

I’m doing all I can to stay afloat, to forget how lonely I am now that my sweet grandparents are gone. Applying for a second job as a waitress at Molly’s Grove, a beautiful, magical restaurant, seems like the perfect solution.
But the pain follows me, tainting my excitement. My hope. Until I lay eyes on my new boss, Mason Aldridge.
His optimism is contagious. His warm, unwavering attention resurrects the embers of my joy. He’s sweet. Gorgeous. And playful. Everything I didn’t know I was missing.
It doesn’t take long for me to want something…more. But he’s not good for me—his words, not mine. He’s a one-time kinda guy. He doesn’t “do” good girls. And I’m as good as they get.

I’ve seen what “love” can do, and I want no part of it. I’d rather live in the moment. No expectations. No promises. No drama.
So color me shocked when one look at Willow Nelson, one heart-to-heart, makes a mockery of my philosophy. I’m spinning. Obsessing. Reluctant to let her out of my sight.
She’s got no clue what she does to me with those pretty blue eyes. With her sweet, trusting nature. But I don’t mess around with good girls for a reason. They always want more. And I can’t give it to them—even if I wanted to.
When she comes up with an idea to host an Easter brunch at my restaurant, complete with an Easter-egg hunt, I say why not? It’s a good idea. But when the costume company delivers the wrong Easter Bunny outfit, and Willow traipses around with her curves all out for everyone to see, I’m forced to make a decision—step up, or lose her to someone else.

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