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my carmilla, anita zara

My Carmilla (Wicked Arrangements) by Anita Zara – Free eBooks Download


“Carmilla…” I broke for air, but her pomegranate-red lips latched onto mine again.
“No, let me steal your breath, darling,” she murmured against my mouth. “I want to hold it captive between my teeth. Only another kiss could tempt me to set it free.”

In the decaying grandeur of the schloss, Laura drowns in loneliness. But fate arrives with a carriage crash, delivering the enigmatic Carmilla to her doorstep. Their connection is instant, a wildfire scorching through the desolate halls. Stolen touches blossom into forbidden nights, and a hunger awakens within Laura – a hunger mirrored in Carmilla’s gaze.
As desire consumes them, a dark truth seeps through the cracks in their stolen paradise. A string of unexplained illnesses plagues the village’s young women. Laura is forced to confront a horrifying truth: the woman she loves may be the very monster stealing the lifeblood of their world. Torn between love and fear, Laura must make a choice. Can she surrender to a love that burns brighter than eternity itself, even if it damns her soul?

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