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My Brothers Best Friend (A Man Who Knows What He Wants #297) by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


My brother Alex is fifteen years older than me, and we’ve lived in different countries since I was fourteen, but that still doesn’t make this okay.
Ben Bradshaw is his best man, his best friend. And all I can think about is the kiss we almost shared.
I ran into him at one of Alex’s parties back in the States. We ended up alone…and he didn’t recognize me.
I gave him a fake name. I didn’t even think about it.
And then my dreams started to come true.
I never thought Ben would want me. He’s a millionaire boxing champion.
He’s thirty-nine years old, experienced, and handsome. He could have any woman he wants.
I’m a twenty-one year old photography student, on the curvy side, and a virgin to boot.
At the party, things get steamy. He leans in for a kiss….
And then Alex calls out my real name.
“You’re Becca. You’re Alex’s sister. We can’t do this.”
I say sorry. I say he’s right.
But now it’s the wedding day, and Ben won’t stop looking at me. His wolfish eyes glint possessively.
Even if I know it’s wrong – even if I know it could break Alex’s heart – I can’t help but wonder if we’ll kiss properly next time. Or more…

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