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My Boyfriend Got Bit (And Vampire Makes Three #1) by X. Everett – Free eBooks Download


My name’s Eli, and I’m dating a vampire. Actually, two of them.

When my boyfriend and I decided to spice up our relationship by adding in a third, I didn’t expect to be dating the undead. Or am I just overthinking things?
Life is good: I’m a successful paranormal romance novelist, I have an amazing boyfriend named Rigg—and we also have the hots for his best friend and colleague, the mysterious yet charming Alek. But where’s the handbook on opening up your relationship to a vampire?
Don’t get me wrong—my line of work has me more skeptical than most, but there’s something about this muscular, fair-skinned stud that I can’t figure out. To top it off, Rigg is acting different. I’m talking ‘ice cold hands and suddenly sensitive to the sun’ different. But he’s never made love to me so voraciously in my life. And here I thought I had stamina.
You can imagine my surprise—and excitement—when Rigg invites me away to Alek’s cabin for the weekend. What’s this little secret my boyfriend is keeping from me? Why do I feel so much sexual tension between us all? All I know is that I’m hoping blood still rushes to all the right places when you’re a vampire.

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