My Big Fat Bloodsucker Secret Baby by Bella Jacobs (ePUB)

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My Big Fat Bloodsucker Secret Baby by Bella Jacobs – Free eBooks Download


Return to Nightfall, New Hampshire for Baron and Annie’s love story!

Turns out I’m not allergic to our new house kraken’s cooking. I’m pregnant, and I know enough about sexy, broody, tortured vampires to guess the father won’t be excited about our…unexpected development.
After he took my ancient V-Card amongst a chorus of O’s, Baron insisted he’d made a terrible mistake. He told me to get out of his swamp and stay as far away from him as I can get—considering we both live in the same, small supernatural town.
He practically gave me a “get knocked up with my baby and keep it a secret for as long as you want” free card.
Of course, I’ll tell him the truth eventually, once I convince him he isn’t the monster he thinks he is. Once I make him see that he’s a wonderful, kind, generous man who deserves love and all the happiness he’s pushed away for so, so long.

And that he deserves it with me, Annie Wonderfully, the woman who’s going to change his sad, lonely life.
Just wait and see…

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