My Baby’s Boss Daddy by Alexis Lee (ePUB)

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My Baby’s Boss Daddy (Secret Babies and Bosses #1) by Alexis Lee – Free eBooks Download


He gives me a wonderful night while I give him a secret baby.

Homeless loner as always, I encounter a handsome with fabulous wealth. Sparks fly when our eyes meet and we just click.
The attraction is so strong that nothing could stop us to zealously explore each other’s body, but after which I’m pregnant and he’s nowhere to be found.
Maybe he never likes me. It’s all in my head.
It takes several years before our reunion and I magically become his housekeeper.
I get to know a bigger picture. He once indeed waited for my call and wanted me. But just when we have a chance to be together again, I gradually lose faith in him.
He seems to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend and get tired of me, and coincidentally my suitor who takes great care of my child keeps wooing me.
The misbelief must be cleared or we’ll stray from each other forever.

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