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Please, I’ll do anything.

Annalise Teague is dead broke. Her life has become a highwire act, trying to balance too many obligations to too many people. When she can’t scrape together the money for rent, she has no choice but to beg her landlord for mercy. But Jason Andreas isn’t known for his bleeding heart. Instead of mercy, he offers her a deal. She won’t owe him a penny if she gives him… herself.

She knows it’s wrong to accept… but, is it even worse if she likes it?

Just do as I tell you.

Jason has been infatuated with Annalise since the day he met her. He knows he’s too damaged and broken to ever have her heart. So when the opportunity to have just a little piece of her comes along, he’s ruthless enough to seize it. But the more he takes, the more he needs, until he realizes he’s never going to be happy with just one piece. He needs all of her—body, heart, and soul.

But can a man with too many demons ever earn the love of the angel he defiled?

Mutually Beneficial is a steamy romance about a gruff landlord with hidden depths and a struggling tenant who might not be as angelic as she seems.

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