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I’m the NHL’s Alternate Captain for Long Island. The only commitment I’ve ever made. Until I almost lost it all in a terrible car accident, leaving me wondering if I’ll ever step on the ice again.

With my career on pause and my recovery being my top priority, my coach asked me for a big favor, knowing my name is a big attraction, even more so when I’ve been MIA for nine months.
That brought me here to Stonebridge, a small town not far from Charlotte NC. Only the favor is with a jerk who feels entitled to use me as he sees fit. What better than a famous hockey player with a reputation and a revolving door of women in his bed? He won’t stop at anything to make some money off of it to save his sinking ship.
I wasn’t okay with being used as some sort of toy.
So I lied.

I need to find a girlfriend to convince my coach’s jackass of a brother that I was a taken man and not to be sold for a night of fun at the annual auction. The only person I knew in this tiny town was Catalina. The beautiful auburn-haired girl I spill my coffee on my second morning in town.
Yeah, she’d be the perfect contender, but she’s hesitant towards me. Bumping into her one night confirms that. Unfortunately, she might not have a choice after we are seen together, and rumors begin to fly. It’s not like I have one either when my career is on the line.
I can only hope I can offer Catalina something in return for the spotlight I’m about to point at her. Anything to make this beneficial to her. A fake boyfriend for the holidays or a little arm candy to keep an ex away. Whatever she wants, I’ll be more than happy to oblige. After all, I’m Austin Sawyer.

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