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Muddled Magic (Homesteader Hearth Witch #5) by Kat Healy – Free eBooks Download


This deadly secret is more than I bargained for.
I always knew the curse on the grimoire was perilous, but clearly not as dangerous as the one who put it there. Apparently they’re in the same category as the witches who just blew the hinges off my front door while I was in the middle of enjoying a stack of syrup-drenched pancakes: villain.
So with breakfast now doing its best Jackson Pollock impression all over my dining room walls, I’m beginning to notice a recurring theme about my life: quiet, cozy days of tea and quilts by the fireplace . . . interspersed with spurts of heart-hammering terror.
After that steamy night with Arthur, I guess I should’ve expected to be on the run. Again.
Though I have Sawyer, the Crafting Circle ladies, and that hunky lumbersnack of a shifter helping me this time, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough. The owner of the demonic half-heart has been summoned, and this infernal fae seeks only one thing: retribution.
And he’ll take the life of someone I love to get it.

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