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Mr. Winter (A Very Alpha Christmas Season 2 #11) by Francesca Penn – Free eBooks Download


Solitude. I crave it. I’ve sequestered myself into my family’s mansion after my grandfather’s death. I planned to come back but never like this. An accident had me licking my wounds. I’m healed physically, but my shattered soul is trapped in grief. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy. Not for me. The closer I get to the day, the colder my heart becomes. Fairhope prides itself on the Christmas spirit but it only pisses me off. Each ribbon, bell, light, and song reminds me of my grandfather. My mourning causes a freak snowstorm that locks down the country. Can my unwanted visitor be the one to help me?

I don’t like secrets and I hate mysteries. Yet, I’ve avoided getting to the bottom of the one I pass by every day. Who is Espen Winters? Rumors of his harsh nature and disfigured appearance is Fairhope’s new favorite urban legend. The mysterious grandson’s absence was acceptable a year ago. Now, we need him. Our bachelor auction is short one person and it’s time for him to take his rightful place in running this country. Unfortunately, he’s hard to reach and has left me no choice. I decide to break in and demand a meeting. Discovering his secret makes me question everything I know. Being stuck together gives us time to create a bond as solid as a block of ice in Antarctica, but will it melt with the snow?

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