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Mr. Stone (More than Money) by Sarah Curtis – Free eBooks Download


Damon Slone wanted his new assistant. And not only to type his memos.
It was his personal policy to never mix business with pleasure, but he was a man who went after what he desired.
His solution?
Make her job so unpleasant, she’d beg to quit. And then he’d have her begging for something else entirely.
There was just one problem with his master plan. He hadn’t counted on his lovely assistant being so damn stubborn.
Raising her teenage brother, Emma Jones couldn’t afford to lose her job and nothing her boss dished out would make her quit.
Not the late hours.
Not the menial errands.
Not even his infuriatingly inflexible and stony attitude.
But though Emma may hate her boss, she was content in knowing her brother was taken care of.
Then, one night changed everything.
Damon and Emma’s lives were shaken. Their world literally rocked.
Coping in the aftermath, trapped and alone, they began to see each other in a new light.
Damon saw past Emma’s stubborn façade to the woman beneath.
And Emma… She was discovering that, just maybe, love could blossom in the stoniest of grounds.

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