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As a teenager, Bianca Sullivan had life every kid dreams about. She had her college, her career, and her future all in a line. Life was about as good as it could get.

Then the car wreck happened. Doctors told her family to hold out no hope. If Bianca survived, she’d be in a home for the rest of her life. The teenage dream was gone.

When she does wake, she finds out that the world has gone on without her-including the shocking death of her father. More than a year has passed.

Still adjusting, Bianca meets Kevin in a Staten Island hipster club. The two start a relationship when Bianca sings with his band.
But Bianca cannot hide from the strange on goings in her family. Did her father really kill himself? And if he didn’t, who is to blame? And if Bianca finds out, what are the consequences?

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