Mr. Bossy Devil by Lindsey Hart (ePUB)

bossy devil, lindsey hart

Mr. Bossy Devil (Alphalicious Billionaires Boss #2) by Lindsey Hart – Free eBooks Download


Operation ex-stepsister seduction
I know how it sounds.
And no, I’m not backing off.
There was a time when we were more best friends than siblings,
Until the great fall-out between our parents.
I always wondered how she was doing.
But I never looked her up.
I was too busy making billions.
So, imagine my absolute shock,
When she comes blazing right into my board meeting,
Legs a mile long, curves by the millions,
And absolutely ready to take me down a couple of pegs.
But wait. Because what the freaking hell happened to the nerdy kid I remember?
Since when did she have a need for a D-Cup, for god’s sake?!
And why am I ready to fire all my executives for also staring at said cup area?
I know I should probably be way more concerned about why she is looking at me like I am the devil incarnate.
But this devil is busy formulating other plans.
Plans which include his ex-stepsister.
Because this devil wants her.
And what the devil wants, the devil always gets.

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