Mountain Man’s Muse by Elsa Jade (ePUB)

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Mountain Man’s Muse (Court of the Steel-Born Fae #2) by Elsa Jade – Free eBooks Download


The iron-bound barrier that once separated fae from the sunlit realm is failing, and a lone cowboy will face beauty and danger…from one woman and from his own yearning heart.

Welcome to the Court of the Steel-Born Fae.

Adelyn is a musetta, a pampered favorite in the faedrealii, sought after for her untouched beauty, perfect grace, and the inspiration she arouses in others. But after a treasonous error, Adelyn is sentenced to death…unless she can find the rebellious runaway fae who are harboring escapees from the court and bring them back to face the queen’s questionable mercy.
When Oregon rancher Josh Reimer swings by his neighbors’ spread while they are away, he finds the mess of a busted water main…and an almost magically gorgeous woman. Must be one of those Hollywood starlets his neighbors had warned him might stop by. Still hurting from his ex-wife’s desertion and the shattered illusion of love, he reluctantly offers Adelyn a bunk at his place.
Although she intends to seduce the boring mortal to discover what he knows about this phae halfway house, Adelyn finds herself strangely drawn to the quiet human charms Josh wields on the creatures and earth—even the metal smithing—under his hands. For the first time, she plys her muse powers with an actual purpose and sees lasting beauty unfurl in a rough, stark land.
She will have to sacrifice it all to return to the faedrealii, but Josh won’t lose the magic they’ve found together. He will hunt her down to the steel gates of the queen’s court and make Adelyn choose: Will she cling to the love of illusion or risk everything for a passion that will last forever?

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