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Mountain Man Guardian (Olympus Mountain Man #2) by Autumn Summers – Free eBooks Download


Kayla wakes up in a stranger’s cabin — she has no idea how she got there.

Kayla is a billionaire CEO of a tech company in Silicon Valley, she’s supposed to be on a leadership retreat with other female corporate leaders, but she’s alone in a cabin with a strange man. He may be strange, but he’s also sexy, confident and deep – she feels an undeniable connection with him.
Having been so wrapped up in doing things to make others happy, she’d never taken the time to find what really makes her happy. With all the noise of the world drowned out in the middle of this mountain – the stranger helps her realize what really matters.

Walker has been hiding away on the mountain trying to avoid people — but then he finds a sleeping beauty.
Walker is a veteran, he served the Army in Afghanistan, after what he experienced there, he knew he could never live within the confines of society again. So, he avoided people at all costs, until he found her knocked out under a tree bleeding from her head – he couldn’t just leave her there. Little does he know this sleeping beauty is his soulmate and one of the most powerful women in the world.

Can these two people from completely different worlds find a way to be together? Will one of them give up the life they know to be with the other? Can they find their happily ever after?

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