Mountain Man CEO by Khloe Summers (ePUB)

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Mountain Man CEO (NSFW) by Khloe Summers – Free eBooks Download


Will this loner mountain man give up a life in the wild for a chance at love?

I’m content living life free from the hustle of Toronto
In fact, I can’t imagine things any other way.
Until Eliza Blake, that is.
She’s curvy, beautiful, and smart as hell.
But she’s come with a purpose, a contract of sorts, and life is about to get complicated.

I’d rather be anywhere but the mountains.
But I promised my boss, I’d deliver his last will and testament to his estranged son. It’s the least I can do after all he did for me.
I tell myself I’ll drop the package and leave, speed off the mountain as fast as I sped up, get back to the city where I belong.
But Johnathan is nothing like the hermit I was expecting. He’s tall, muscular, sexy, rugged, a little broken, and unbelievably protective. The type of man that doesn’t exist in the city. The type of man I’ve been looking for.
If only this contract didn’t complicate things, if only there wasn’t a marriage clause attached, if only this rugged mountain man wasn’t about to be my boss.
Then again, maybe a contract will be the best thing that ever happened to us both.

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