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mountain grump, willow fox

Mountain Grump (Bossy Single Dad #2) by Willow Fox, Allison West – Free eBooks Download


I know she came here to judge me. Well, she can be my guest…

The average single father would probably tell you they have a lot on their plate. And they wouldn’t be lying.
But do they have an entire ski lodge to manage on top of everything else?
I don’t think so.
I might be a billionaire, but trust me, turning the Blue Sky Resort in Breckenridge, Montana into a skier’s go-to destination has been no piece of cake—not even for me.
And my 15-year-old daughter sure isn’t making things easier.
Did she have to befriend the woman who threw a tantrum over our prices right in the middle of the gift shop?
Sure, Cali Sinclair is a famous resort vlogger, and Julianna just won’t stop talking about apps, influencers, and social media, but would it hurt her to find another influencer to intern for?
Someone who doesn’t rile me up every chance she gets?
As if that wasn’t enough, the woman keeps tripping all over the place. If I’m not careful enough, before I know it, I might have a lawsuit on my hands.
For now, I just owe her dinner.
One quiet meal. One hour—maybe two—of civil conversation.
The question is, can we go one night without being at each other’s throats?
To my surprise, it turns out we can.
But I’m not sure I like this outcome better…
Because now I’m starting to wish that she keeps falling.
I’ll just have to be there to catch her each time…

Mountain Grump is a standalone romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily ever after.

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