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mother knows best, stella stevenson

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AJ Mulligan’s life is at a standstill. She’s fat, her writing career hasn’t hit its stride, and between working long hours at odd jobs, writing into the wee hours of the night, and hoping she’ll catch a break sometime soon, there’s zero time left to focus on anything, or anyone, else. It’s been years since she broke it off with the only man she’s ever loved, and she still can’t bring herself to move on. When offered a job as a paid contestant on a reality dating show, AJ finally has the chance to earn some serious money and take a small vacation. All she has to do is make it into the top five and then go back to her everyday life.
Will Masters comes from old money and politics. Every facet of his life has been scripted, whether he liked it or not. Until AJ. She was nothing that his family approved of and everything he ever wanted. When she walked away, he stopped caring about what he wanted for his future. Now his mother has roped him into starring on a reality dating show. A show where his mother can choose the perfect wife for him. Will is perfectly content to go along for the ride. He never thought his ex would be a contestant vying for his affection.
AJ signed a contract, and she intends to honor it. The more she tries to avoid Will, the harder they slam back together. It’s possible she made a mistake all those years ago, but it doesn’t matter. AJ’s contract won’t let her win and Will’s mother wants her gone…too bad he didn’t get the memo.

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