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Mortok (Morelen Princes #1) by C.R Corbin – Free eBooks Download


An arrogant, massive, and astoundingly sexy alien prince wants me as his mate, and i’m not entirely sure I want to stop him.
Prince Mortok is in need of a mate and he curses his misfortune as soon as he finds out that the human girl that he has chosen is dead set on resisting his offers of luxury and status. Yet, when he sets his eyes on her he’s unable to resist her curvaceous body and fiery attitude and makes it his goal to claim her as his mate for life.
Will she be able to resist? And as his time with her draws on, will she want to?
Julie despises Prince Mortok and everything that he stands for no matter how powerful, big, and sexy he may be. Her goal is to resist him until he tires of her and lets her go back to her old life. As time passes, however, she soon becomes acquainted the prince’s more tender side and finds her resistance faltering.
The burgeoning passion between prince and human is soon challenged, however, when a plot to usurp Prince Mortok’s rule is revealed and forces the couple to take action in order to not only preserve their bond, but their way of life itself.

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