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More than Friends (Sterling #5) by Windsor Rowse – Free eBooks Download


Someone To Love is a steamy, friends-to-lovers, forbidden romance sure to delight romance readers looking for new twists on a classic trope.

Maggie Collins
No one can resist the charms of Declan Sterling. Much less me. I mean that smile, on that face, with that body. There’s no point in trying. When he suggests we start a friends-with-benefits arrangement, I know it’s a terrible idea. His brother, the President of the United States, is married to my sister, The First Lady. They would absolutely kill us if they found out – not to mention the media firestorm it would cause.
And yet.
We do it anyway.
Like I said. I’m powerless to resist Declan’s charms.

Declan Sterling
Maggie is my best friend – with benefits. Whenever we’re in the same town, we meet up and hook up. We have rules to keep things from getting messy. Neither of us is interested in anything committed, so it works for us. It’s a complete secret though. Absolutely no one can find out. Our arrangement has lasted for several years and is going fine until Maggie drops a bombshell on me.
She wants to have a baby – my baby.
She wants this to be a secret too. I won’t be the father – just a sperm donor. Well, that’s not exactly right, she’s asking me to get her pregnant the old-fashioned way and then just walk away. Immediately, I see all the ways this could go wrong, but she wants a baby more than anything in the world. How can I say no?
As we try for a baby, things get complicated between us – and messy. I’m not supposed to have feelings for her, but I do. Feelings she doesn’t return. If she has this baby, we’ll be connected forever.
There’s no way this ends without heartbreak.
My heart.

Someone to Love is the fifth book in the Sterling Series. It is a stand-alone story. The
Sterling Series focuses on the siblings of the United States President, James Sterling. Each book in the series focuses on the love story of one of the siblings and can be read alone.

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