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moonlit citrine, emmy dee

Moonlit Citrine (Moonlit Falls #5) by Emmy Dee – Free eBooks Download


What do I want most in the world?
Chicken nuggets.
No, Citrine! That isn’t a normal answer. Bump it down to second place. Bump it!
What I want most is a family.
Since my grandma died, I’ve been left alone in this world. I have friends, sure, but I have no one to come home to–and no one to explain why I keep randomly sprouting hair everywhere.
Fate must hate me… or maybe not.
After a date at Jewels Cafe, I find myself mated to not one, but FOUR, guys:
A trickster god with Celtic ties.
A Viking Berserker with self-esteem issues.
A raven shifter, who happens to be my childhood best friend.
And… my cat? Who’s apparently full of secrets.
I’m ecstatic to start this adventure together. But when only one of my guys shows up to my birthday party, I panic.
Are these feelings one-sided? Are they toying with my heart? Or is there something… or someone, trying to take my men away from me?
Watch out world. I’m Citrine Shephard, and I’m about to unleash the beast. No one will stop me from saving my family.
I just need one more chicken nugget… for the road.

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