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moonlight's mate, elsa jade

Moonlight’s Mate (Court of the Steel-Born Fae #3) by Elsa Jade – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time, iron kept the fae from wandering the sunlit realm. But over the millennia, iron gave way to steel, and now the fae are unbound. Welcome to the Court of the Steel-Born Fae…

Alpha wolf shifter Merrilee Delemont inherited her small, lake-side territory high in the Oregon mountains from her grandmother along with the warning that she must be strong, always, even if she stands alone. Though she won’t let herself long for someone to share her complicated life, at least she has someone to share her bed: Beck Villanova, Alpha of the valley pack.
Beck has never actually seen Merrilee’s bed; she refuses to let him get that close. Though her caresses and her bites drive him wild, mostly she drives him to distraction with her wariness. As a youth, he was sent away to learn to control his beast, and now he wants only to share the peace of his little town with someone to love.
Despite their red-hot attraction, their struggle for dominance means any chance of something more goes up in smoke. Until fae invaders threaten the peace of their packs, forcing Merrilee and Beck to finally decide which is more important: vying for power or a passionate partnership that might change them forever.

(Originally published as Mated By Moonlight by Jessa Slade)

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