Monstrous Bones Make Good Girls Moan by Rae Stapleton (ePUB)

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Monstrous Bones Make Good Girls Moan (Midnight Arcanum Academy #3) by Rae Stapleton – Free eBooks Download


Revenge 101 is now in session.

Welcome to the Academy of Arcanum where the Fae rule and their drugs make you drool. Thank the goddess, I have my boys.
With Mama home and the Undead Uprising grounded, I’m in New York, finishing up my magical training at the Academy of Arcanum.
Sadly, I’ve barely cracked a chemistry book when I’m met with another hairy situation.
My only friend on campus, a troubled young shifter is murdered in the dorm room next to me. The thing is, I know who did it.
And with the help of my trackers, I’m going to prove it.
I’m just the witch for the job. Hang onto your designer purses, girls, I’m coming for you.

There’s only one problem: I may not be a witch after all, and I may not be exactly right about who did it. Our investigation has uncovered a secret war between Werewolves and Fae, and low and behold, my pain-in-the-butt-family appears to have everything to do with it.

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