Monsters of Air by Rebecca Ethington (ePUB)

monsters of air, rebecca ethington

Monsters of Air (Of Wings and War #1) by Rebecca Ethington – Free eBooks Download


A dragon is nothing without their rider.

Without them the powerful beats cannot breathe fire and protect us from the Fae scourge that continually invades our lands.
The morning I woke up with all color drained from my hair I knew I was in trouble.
I was a rider.
A rider with a whole land of Fae infested forests between me and the training grounds where my dragon would be waiting for me.
My father and I may never make it to the capital, but we were going to try.
So, when we were attacked by Fae on the first night of our journey I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised when three dragons showed up and saved me.
They are on their way to the capital too, and are willing to take me with them… as long as I choose one of them to mate with.
Easy. Except that something deep inside of me wants all of them.
This was not how I planned to find my dragon.

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