Monster Alien Love Letters by C. Y. Croc (ePUB)

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Monster Alien Love Letters (Monsters on Death Row #1) by C. Y. Croc – Free eBooks Download


The letter lures me like no drug ever could. The question is, can I abstain?
In the depths of my depravity, I succumbed to the temptations that whispered in my ear. It all began innocently enough, a seemingly selfless act of charity at the request of my church that had saved me from the strip club. Little did I know, my benevolence would thrust me into a sinister dance with darkness.
The walls of the prison echoed with the looming spectre of death, an invisible countdown haunting my every step. It was there that I stumbled upon a wicked invitation, a letter from a death row inmate unlike any other.

He wasn’t just a criminal; he was an otherworldly creature, an alien with a twisted soul. A monster lurking in the shadows, hiding behind the facade of a human form. He was the very embodiment of the devil himself—a being so diabolical it sent shivers down my spine.

Yet, amidst the abyss of my own desires, a perverse curiosity re-awakened within me. Should I surrender to the allure of his proposal, an unholy matrimony with a creature of nightmares? What harm could it do? After all, time was running out for him, his days numbered like drops of blood in the hourglass.

In the depths of my naivety, I convinced myself that I could be the harbinger of salvation, praying for his tormented soul. Perhaps God, in his infinite mercy, would look more favourably upon a repentant sinner who had taken a monster as her husband. A blasphemous union, a sinful sacrament performed in the name of a twisted redemption.

Little did I know, darkness begets darkness, and the consequences of my unholy choice would echo through eternity. The path I had chosen was paved with the darkest desires, a macabre waltz that led me further away.

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