Monk Paletti: Taming Ashley Sinatra by Mallory Monroe (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Monk Paletti: Taming Ashley Sinatra by Mallory Monroe – Free eBooks Download


Frankie the Monk Paletti, the no-nonsense enforcer in the Bonaducci Crime Family, is a man’s man who doesn’t have time for fools or ladies.
His idea of fun is when nobody’s bothering him.
But when he and his best friend, Teddy Sinatra, stop by Teddy’s uncle’s house, Monk finds himself unable to take his eyes off of one of the uncle’s
daughters: the bad one. And soon he finds himself, the eternal bachelor, ready to give his all for the love of a woman he sees as nothing but good and kind and sexy in a way that keeps him up nights.

Ashley Sinatra, the adopted daughter of businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra and the niece of preeminent crime boss Mick Sinatra, is always looking for love in all the wrong places.
But when she meets The Monk, who looks and talks like a gangster straight out of an old movie, she realizes she just met the bad boy of all bad boys. He’s even too bad for her! Until he shows her a kindness and gentleness no man had ever shown her before.

Monk Paletti: Taming Ashley Sinatra is the first book in the Monk and Ashley Romantic Suspense Thriller series.

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