Moment of Truth by Hailey Edwards (ePUB)

moments of truth, hailey edwards

Moment of Truth (The Potentate of Atlanta #5) by Hailey Edwards – Free eBooks Download


Witchborn fae are invading Atlanta, and it’s up to Hadley to stop them. That means returning to the archive and plugging all the entrances and exits that allow the coven to move their army into the city. Including a gateway leading straight into the heart of Faerie.

To seal the archive for good, Hadley must enter Faerie and slam a door shut from that side. Despite his dark past with the fae realm, Midas is determined to go with her, even if it means facing his personal demon. But more awaits them in the other realm than Midas’s stroll down memory lane.

Natisha confronts them and declares their bargain is due, but they’re one heart short. As if it wasn’t hard enough to explain that math to a fae healer with a god complex, the other six turn up missing, leaving them empty-handed. Either Hadley and Midas settle the debt, or Natisha vows Atlanta and her citizens will pay the ultimate price.

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