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Mob Boss Daddy (Yes, Daddy #44) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


When the rival family gunned down my best friend in cold blood, I made him a dying promise.
I told him I’d take care of his daughter.
But what the hell does the single boss of an up-and-coming crime family know about taking care of a child? The kid needs a nanny, which is why I call a service and tell them to send me some applicants.
I’m too busy to spend my time on things like this, and I almost tell my man Rory to just pick one. That is…until I stick my head out of my office door and see her.
She’s young and looks out of place sitting next to all of these seasoned caregivers, but damn is she stunning. Too beautiful to be real. She stands and walks toward me and my imagination runs wild with all of the things I’d like to do with her, preferably ending with her writhing under me and screaming, “Daddy.”
Hired on the spot. Of f*cking course.
I don’t understand the intense reaction I have to this little girl, but something about her has me obsessed. More than that, the feral side of me rises to the surface… The need to devour her and bind her to me by filling her with my seed.
There’s chaos all around me, and all I can think about is her.
Once she’s mine, I need to end this war as fast as I can so she’ll be safe. There’s nothing I won’t do to protect her.
Even if it means squaring off to the death with my enemies.

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