Mistress By Proxy by Kasi Blake (ePUB)

mistress proxy, kasi blake

Mistress By Proxy (Boss of Seduction #2) by Kasi Blake – Free eBooks Download


Rumored to be his father’s mistress, Bianca is like no one he has ever met. .On his first day as the official CEO of Christinos Inc., all Christian Sabatino wants to do is fire his father’s mistress. Then he meets the ‘little gold-digger.’ Bianca has lost her mentor, her home, and quite possibly her job. Before she gets fired she plans to tell the new CEO exactly what she thinks of him. Then she looks into his deep green eyes… To keep his stock from plummeting Christian needs to get the world to stop focusing on his father’s mistress. So he offers to let her keep her job if she pretends to be engaged to him. Bianca knows she’s in trouble when she starts to see a new side of Christian and realizes her heart wants their relationship to be real. He offers her the dream of running her own magazine, but she wants more. She wants all of him. She wants to unthaw his frozen heart. .But is she willing to gamble everything she has left on a future with him?

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