Mistletoe and Mofongo by Lyra Blake (ePUB)

mistletoe mofongo, lyra blake

Mistletoe and Mofongo (Saucy Chef #1) by Lyra Blake – Free eBooks Download


Together they’ll discover the perfect recipe for love.
Celebrity chef Matteo Gonzalez settled in the Northwest because home is where your family is, and his found family lives in Portland. Life’s losses taught him to treasure those he loves, and his Abuelita’s passion for food gave him the foundation that he shaped into a successful career.
A year ago, Macy Hart’s life was turned upside down when her husband left her a Dear, Jane letter and little else. After losing everything, she is desperate, cynical, and can’t see past her regrets.
When the two meet unexpectedly in a coffee shop, things get hot (literally). Much to Macy’s horror, she leaves a lasting impression on both Matteo’s mind and clothing. Macy hopes she’ll never see the attractive stranger again, but fate has other ideas, and—surprise—he’s the owner and head chef at El Corazón Borikén, where she’s interviewing for the position of sous chef.
A firm believer in following his heart, Matteo hires Macy and makes it his mission to change how she sees the world—one recipe at a time.
Like sugar and salt tantalize in a dish, their opposing personalities spice things up in and out of the kitchen. Slowly, Macy allows herself to live again, and Matteo finds a woman he can love. That is, until Macy’s soon-to-be ex-husband comes crashing back into town with big promises and small apologies.
Will the twists of life tear Matteo and Macy apart, or will the love they found while making mofongo bring them together under the mistletoe?

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