Mister Demanding by Lucky Moon (ePUB)

mister demanding, lucky moon

Mister Demanding (Daddies Mountain Rescue #2) by Lucky Moon – Free eBooks Download


He’s saved countless lives, but can he save hers…?

This is not how I expected my first day to go.
Bullied by my new boss. Told off by a customer.
Then growled at by the s*xiest Dom I ever met.
A hulking mountain men with a love for rescue dogs, I’ve never met anyone like Sam.
He’s so hot I can feel my panties melting right off me.
But when I find out he’s a combat medic, my heart shuts down.
I can never date a doctor. Not after what happened.
And when I see the shadow of the past in an alleyway, I know I’m going to have run away. Again.
I just wish I had Sam to protect me.

I’m a battle-hardened combat medic. I’ve seen horrible things.
But when I find my dog wounded outside my house, I can’t handle it.
Thank God for Minnie — the town’s new veterinarian.
When I see her caring for Champ, I lose myself.
I know it’s wrong, but I want to do terrible things to her.
But not just that. I want to own her. Make her my Little.
And when I find out that she might be in danger, I go into full-on Daddy Protection mode.
There’s no way I’ll let anything hurt a hair on her head.

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