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Mister Big Stuff by Weston Parker – Free eBooks Download


I’m a billionaire bad ass. A military man who’s given up dreams for family. A loner of sorts.

My father built an empire and left it and every bit of the shit that goes with it in my lap when he died. And I’m in desperate need of a personal assistant. Someone who will speak straight, man up, take me on head-to-head. Force me to walk the line. Fuck me. I just never expected it to be her. She’s a single mother. The girl from across the street when I was growing up. My little sister’s best friend. The one I lost my virginity to on a drunk night my senior year. But she’s perfect for the job and honestly, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She cripples me just by walking in the room. I want her more than I want my next breath, but does she feel the same? And would it stop me if she didn’t? Fuck no. After a long year of loses, I’m ready for a win. And I’m gonna start with her. Cause she’s always been mine and we both know it.

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