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Mistaken Identity (Lime Peak #1) by Kitty Berry – Free eBooks Download


Charlie Tyler likes order, consistency, and an unfaltering schedule. She’s a tiny spitfire with a masculine name to match her badass personality. She’s known in education as the queen of behaviorally challenged kids, but in her personal life, she’s…wait, what personal life? Charlie can subdue the most oppositional defiant, troubled boys sent to Camp SubLime all while maintaining order as the camp’s principal, but when it comes to dating men, she can’t seem to do it right.
When a stranger comes to town, Charlie discovers a side of herself she hasn’t been comfortable enough to explore. Could that be why her other relationships never worked out?
But Storm Roland is a challenge like none she’s ever seen, and he’s convinced the principal needs to learn a lesson only he’s man enough to teach.
The undercover operative and financial wizard is successful at everything he does, so failure is never an option. Then he gets an assignment to bring down a drug smuggler disguised as the principal at a camp in Lime Peak, Maine.
But things are not as they seem, and as the two learn more about each other, they either need to side with the school of trust or call things off and go with the camp of protecting their hearts.

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