Miss Hattie’s Reluctant Hero by Maggie M. Dallen (ePUB)

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Miss Hattie’s Reluctant Hero (Bluestocking Battalion #5) by Maggie M. Dallen – Free eBooks Download


Hattie has always longed for an adventure. She just didn’t expect to find one at sea. And she definitely hadn’t imagined her knight in shining armor would be a pirate in disguise.

Hattie knew very well she shouldn’t be sneaking about on ship decks in the middle of the night. But after years of reading about adventures, she’s finally ready for one of her own. A starlit rendezvous with a mysterious sailor? That’ll do nicely. Though she could do without the attempted kidnappings. But the kisses under the moonlight with the man of her dreams? She wouldn’t trade those for anything.

With her nose forever in a book, there were likely quite a few things Hattie never noticed—Ewan was one of them. Not that he minded. This pirate was under orders to keep her safe, and he’d always been happy to do so from a distance. From afar he could pretend that an intelligent, kind, and brave young lady like Hattie might fancy a brute like him. When in reality, he’d never stand a chance. Even if she were to notice his existence.

This is his last mission. To keep his pirate captain’s daughter safe on her journey to America to see her sister. The only thing is, it isn’t nearly so easy to keep his distance on the small confines of a ship. And when her life is in danger, it’s his duty to stay close. Closer than he’d ever imagined. But when she discovers his true identity, will she still look at him with love in her eyes? Or will she curse him as the pirate he i

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